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Terms and Conditions

1. The plots will be alloted in Sy.No.S 363/P & 364/P Rangapur (V) H/o. Nandigama,Kothur Mandal, Mahaboobnagar Dist.

2. Admission Fee Rs. 500/- Per Plot.

3. Rate per Square Yard :

  • A) Plots Facing 100 FT. Road. Rs. 3,999/- Per Sq.Yd (For Outright Sale)
  • B) Other Plots Rs. 3,199/- Per Sq. Yd. For Payment In 3 Months
  • C) Rs. 3,499/- Per Sq.Yd. for Payment In 12 Months

The above Rates are Inclusive of Development Charges.

4. Extra Charges :

East Facing Plots : Rs. 50 Per Sq. Yd.
Corner Plots : Rs. 50 Per Sq. Yd.
North East Corner Plots : Rs. 100 Per Sq. Yd.

5. The Extra charges are to be paid at the time of Booking of Plot.

6. The Plot will be Registered on Payment of Full Plot Cost, Extra Charges, Development Charges Etc., The Customer has to Pay the Regn.Charges at the time of Registration.

7. The Plots will be developed with H.M.D.A. Approval and as per its norms. The Plot Number Given at the time of allotment may change if it is Necessited By H.M.D.A.

Final Approval.

8. The Customer Should pay the amount before 5th of every month and in case of late payment of dues interest @ 2 % P.M. is to be paid. The Customer who fails to pay 3 months instalments continuously will be treated as defaulter. The company has power to enrol a new member in place of default customer.

9. The company is not responsible for payments made without authorised company Receipt. Nobody is Authorised to make any commitments / promises beyond the above terms and conditions.

10. The amount paid towards “LOTUS GRAND” is not refundable.

11. The company is not responsible for the loss caused by act of nature or by act of legislation.

12. All transactions with the company are subject to Hyderabad jurisdiction.

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